What is a credit check?

  • Banks and building societies
  • Credit providers
  • Utilities suppliers (e.g. gas, water and electricity)
  • Letting agencies and landlords
  • Mobile phone companies
  • Employers (although they won’t see your full report)

What is a soft credit check?

What is a hard credit check?

How are soft and hard credit checks different?

  • You search your own credit report
  • A company searches your credit report as part of an identity check
  • You use Experian to compare credit and see how eligible you are
  • You apply for a loan, credit card or mortgage
  • You apply to a utility company
  • You apply for a pay-monthly mobile phone contract

Why are soft credit checks useful?

Why do hard credit checks affect my credit score?

Can I avoid hard credit checks?

How can you reduce the effect of hard credit checks?



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